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Mental health is a crucial dimension of overall health and an essential resource for living. It influences how we feel, perceive, think, communicate and understand. Without good mental health, people can be unable to fulfil their full potential or play a active part in everyday life. Mental health issues can address many areas, from enhancing our emotional well-being, treating and preventing severe mental illness to the prevention of suicide.

Provincial and territorial governments have primary jurisdiction for the planning and delivery of mental health services in Canada. The federal government, primarily through Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, collaborates with the provinces and territories in a variety of ways to develop responsive, coordinated and efficient mental health service systems.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada support mental health research, develop programs and policies designed to promote and support the needs of people with mental health problems and disorders.

What Information is Available?

In this section, you will find information about the promotion of mental health, evaluation of mental health programs and services in Canada and the mental health issues, problems and disorders encountered by Canadians.

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