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Health Canada, the Next link will take you to another Web site Public Health Agency of Canada and the Government of Canada's Next link will take you to another Web site Services for Seniors website have many online resources on senior health issues including:

Self-neglect occurs when older adults live in ways that disregard their health or safety needs

The prevalence rate of disability rises steeply after age 75.

The population of seniors is expected to comprise a larger share of the Canadian population, growing from 3.5 million people in 1996 to an estimated 6.9 million by 2021.

Today, seniors can expect to keep most if not all their own teeth. This makes it especially important to maintain regular oral hygiene habits and visits to a dental professional. Learn more on how to maintain a healthy teeth by consulting our oral health section.

Being Next link will take you to another Web site physically active is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your independence and quality of life as you age.

The injury rate leading to death or hospitalization is higher for seniors than any other age group in Canada The most common cause of injury among seniors is falls.

What Government of Canada is doing to address senior health issues.


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