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National Non-Smoking Week

National Non-Smoking Week (NNSW) has been observed during the third week in January for more than 37 years. With a wide variety of activities and participants across the country, National Non-Smoking Week is one of the most important events in Canada's ongoing public education efforts on controlling tobacco-use.

National Non-Smoking Week is truly a national endeavour, involving agencies and individuals working at the federal, provincial/territorial, regional and local levels. Every year, thousands of people across Canada take part in various NNSW activities sponsored by local health units, local and provincial/territorial councils on smoking and health, health charities such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Lung Association, and provincial, territorial and federal Ministries of Health.


The goals of NNSW are:

  • to educate Canadians about the dangers of smoking;
  • to prevent non-smokers from starting to smoke and becoming addicted to tobacco;
  • to help smokers quit;
  • to promote the right of individuals to breathe air unpolluted by tobacco smoke;
  • to denormalize tobacco products and tobacco-use; and
  • to assist in the attainment of a smoke-free society in Canada.

Weedless Wednesday

Weedless Wednesday focusses on the benefits of cessation and promotes the community resources available to help smokers quit. It takes a "one day at a time" approach to quitting smoking, a concept appealing to many smokers who may be discouraged at the thought of an entire week -- or lifetime -- without cigarettes, but who may be able to cope with one smoke-free day.

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