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Workplace Labels

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Cat. No.: H46-2/04-378E

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Labels and other systems used in the workplace to identify hazardous materials when a supplier label is not applicable or not available.

All containers of hazardous materials (controlled products) in the workplace must be labeled. This supports the workers' right to know about hazards to their health or safety at work.

Employers and workers both have legal responsibilities to help ensure that labels remain attached as required and that label information is understood.

Employer's Responsibilities

ENSURE that products are labeled as required with supplier labels, workplace labels, or other identifiersFootnote *.

PROVIDE training so that workers understand information on labels.

PROVIDE training on the specific identification systemFootnote * for hazardous materials used in the workplace.

Worker's Responsibilities

PARTICIPATE in training.

UNDERSTAND how to apply information disclosed on labels and MSDSs in the workplace.

REPORT situations where labels have become detached, damaged, or unreadable.

PREPARE and/or attach workplace labels or other identification to containers under their control, as directed.

Sample of workplace label identifying Product Name, Safe Handling Proceedures, and Reference to MSDS

WHMIS regulations prescribe the labels or other identifiers which must be used on containers of hazardous materials.

Where WHMIS Workplace Labels are required:

  • A controlled product is delivered to the workplace in bulk and a supplier label is not available.
  • A controlled product is transferred to a smaller portable container for use in the workplace.

    Exception: a label is not required if the product is used immediately.
  • The supplier label on a container of a controlled product becomes unreadable, damaged, or detached, and a replacement supplier label is not available.

Where other forms of identificationFootnote * may be used

  • Piping, reaction vessels, and transfer systems which contain controlled products must be identified by colour coding, labels, or other means of identification.
  • Hazardous wastes must be identified, but WHMIS workplace labels are not required.
  • Detailed rules apply to labels for samples and other materials used in laboratories

Protect yourself and your co-workers. Make sure that workplace products are properly identified.

Glossary of Terms

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Footnote 1

Identification System The method used to identify hazardous materials in the workplace (labeling, colour coding, etc.)<

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