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Drugs and Health Products

Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance and enforcement activities are a key element of safeguarding the drugs and health products to which Canadians have access.

As part of its regulatory responsibilities, Health Canada is responsible for compliance monitoring and enforcement activities related to health products in order to verify that regulatory requirements are being applied appropriately. The Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate is the directorate primarily responsible for health product compliance monitoring activities such as industry inspection and product investigation. The Inspectorate develops and implements enforcement strategies in these areas. Establishment licensing and related laboratory functions support the Inspectorate's compliance and enforcement activities.

The Inspectorate's activities relate to:

The Inspectorate is also developing monitoring and compliance activities in relation to Assisted Human Reproduction in collaboration with its partners within Health Canada.

Registering a health product complaint:

What information can you find here?

In this section, you will find information concerning our compliance and enforcement activities related to blood and donor semen, cells, tissues and organs, drugs, medical devices and natural health products. You will be able to read about our international activities, and learn about legislation, licensing, good manufacturing procedures and good clinical practices.

Annual inspection summary reports outline inspection activities conducted by the Inspectorate.

The Next link will take you to another Web site Canadian Food Inspection Agency provides all federal inspection services related to food and enforces the food safety and nutritional quality standards established by Health Canada.

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